Hi there! I'm Heather.

I am so grateful that you have found your way to my creative little corner of the world. I'm Heather, formerly of Spoonfeather Designs, and owner of Ampersand Lettering Lab.

While a rebrand is a scary thing, it was also a necessary one. Hand lettered globes still have a piece of my heart, but I am here with the hope that ALL can bring even more beauty and joy to your life outside of the globe world. You can certainly still create a custom piece with me, but you can also buy a print for your home or a font for your business. 

More about me? I am a life-long letter lover and find any reason to letter on things! I picked up hand lettering more as an art form about two years ago. I am a former teacher who pivoted into small business ownership and I haven't looked back. I hang my winter hats up in Traverse City and I wake up every day thankful to call this town and this life my own. Thank you for coming along with me on my journey. It means the world to me. 


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