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In this life, all we have is each other. Treat everyone you meet with respect & dignity. Strive to let your spice cabinet be the only thing that you ever feel the need to label. There's room at the table for everyone. ⠀

Letter with me this October

When I first began my lettering journey one of the hardest things for me was deciding what to write. If I couldn’t think of something to write, I wouldn’t write anything. The longer I went without lettering the worse my lettering got and the more frustrated I felt when I did letter something!

This month I’ve taken the thinking out of it for you! For the next 31 days follow the prompts I’ve listed in the graphic below and post them on Instagram or in your Instagram story tagging me @ampersandletteringlab and using the hashtags #ampeduplettering and #inktober

The more participation we have, the bigger our community gets and the more we are able to learn from each other! I encourage you to letter on whatever medium you wish. You are welcome to letter on paper and snap a photo, letter on an iPad, letter digitally, etc. There is no wrong way to do this challenge. Whether you participate every day or only choose to do a few days, the most important part is that you give yourself time each day to do it.

I will be sharing some of my favorite submissions each day on my Instagram story and participating myself. Feel free to share the challenge with your friends and online community but make sure they are tagging #ampeduplettering and @ampersandletteringlab. I can’t wait to see your lettering and watch your lettering confidence grow over the next month!

Can’t wait for you to join me!

Hold down on the challenge list with your finger to save the image. Share the challenge list in your story!

#ampeduplettering #inktober

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